Pure Chlore 

Treatment - Injection

Pure Chlore - Treatment-Analysis Range
Pure Chlore - Treatment-Analysis Range

Pure Chlore

OFF-LINE chlorine producing on site is now possible. The Pure Chlore system offers an alternative to the use of conditioned chlorine.

Safety for the storage of chemicals in the swimming pools refers to many aspects, technical prevention, compliance with safety instructions, training of personnel. During his work, the technical staff of a swimming pool expose themselves to chemical and physical dangers. These dangers can be limited with the Pure Chlore system. There is no need to store gas chlorine tanks, pebble, powder or liquid chlorine in stock. Beyond the prevention of risks, it is also the assurance of autonomy and the certainty of a beautiful and healthy disinfected water.

  • 3 models and +
  • Complete autonomy
  • Produce chlorine on-site
  • For basins from 300 m3


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Pure Chlore - Security Range


Pure Chlore - Security Range

2 electrodes Pure Chlore

Pure Chlore - Security Range

4 Electrodes Pure Chlore

Pure Chlore - Security Range

12 Electrodes Pure Chlore

For basins up to 300 m3 600 m3 1200 m3
Production electrodes 3 6 12
Chlorine production capacity 2.9 kg/day 7.6 kg/day 15.1 kg/day
Production tank volume 250 L 250 L 250 L
Salt consumption (1 kg chlorine produced) 3 kg 3 kg 3 kg
Power supply 220-240 VAC mono 220-240 VAC mono 220-240 VAC mono
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years

Pure Chlore electrolyser

Transformation of salt into chlorine directly in your technical room provides 3 advantages:
Pure Chlore - Treatment-Analysis Range

Reduces operating costs


Eliminates the dangerous handling of chlorine


Ensures the high quality of chlorine over time

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