Compact Scrubber-dryer 

Mechanical Cleaning

Compact Scrubber-dryer - Cleaning Range
Compact Scrubber-dryer - Cleaning Range

Autolaveuse Compacte

Finally, a maintenance-free 24v gel battery scrubber-dryer is easy to transport: 37 kgs (without a removable 15 kgs battery case, which can be carried separatly). Two 18-litre tanks. 40 cm brush. Circular 200° suction. Take it with you to all small sites and it will help you to keep all your customers happy with flawless results.

Cleaning possible while the pool is open to the public ...

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Compact Scrubber-dryer - Cleaning Range


Compact Scrubber-dryer - Cleaning Range

Compact Scrubber-dryer

Brush Motor 400 W
Suction motor 300 W
Power supply 230V
Brush diameter 40 cm
Disc diameter 36 cm
Capacity 18 l
Rotation speed 150 tr / min
Cable length 20 m
Dimensions 52 x 89 x 113 cm
Weight 38.5 kg

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