All inclusive contract.

Hexagone and our Hexabox

The guarantee of a clean pool, and peace of mind.

9 maintenance guarantees


Telephone helpline

Telephone helpline 5 days a week, from 07.30 to 18.00



Unlimited on-site servicing


AURORE assistance

AURORE assistance, from 05.30 to 08.00 in your pool


Parts, labour and transport

Parts, labour and transportation costs are fully covered and unlimited under the Hexabox contract


Return to workshop/factory

Completely free returns to workshop/factory



Parts under a lifetime warranty for the duration of the contract


Courtesy pool cleaner

Courtesy pool cleaner for prolonged standstill



Constant support through a variety of on-site training and services, also available at our factory



Fixed annual subscription rate, we respect your budget

Service vehicles

Unlimited servicing and all-included maintenance

A team of 11 techniciansin France equipped with service vehicles
Computer planning of each servicing in order to respond as quickly as possible.
Our unlimited HexaBox maintenance contract covers everythingat a fixed annual cost: labour, transport, worn parts, spare parts, pool cleaner hire, shipping cost, as many times as required

Aurore Service

From 05.30

Pool closed?
No, it's 05.30 and we are on the edge of your pool to carry out the necessary maintenance and training.
That is Aurore service included in our full Hexabox service contract (from 05.30 to 08.00, 5 days a week).

Training with qualifications

and set-up included

Set-up is included in the price of our pool cleaners.
From then on, we will configure the vacuum for the pool and organize training for swimming pool staff on the use and maintenance of the machine.
Simple maintenance takes only a few minutes a week and a self diagnosis is included in every machine.

Call +33 1 34 34 11 55or write to info@myhexagone.com

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