Unikart Pal 

Mobile Disabled Lift

Unikart Pal - Disabled Access Range

Unikart Pal

SR Smith

The 100% mobile pool disabled access lift, on castors, does not require any anchorage. Thanks to its motorisation and its remote control, the descent and the raise are carried out effortlessly and without external assistance.

Height option for spa.

  • Portable Aquatic lift


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Unikart Pal - Disabled Access Range


Unikart Pal - Disabled Access Range

Unikart Pal

Hoisting load Up to 136 kg
Weight 542 kg
Power supply No
Rear wheels Swivel with brake
Front wheels Full wheels
Dimensions (W x D x H) 102 x 122 x 152 cm
Frame/Seat Epoxy/PVC paint
System PAL Secure-It

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