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Rolli-Blue - Equipment Range
Rolli-Blue - Equipment Range
Rolli-Blue - Equipment Range


The Rolli-Blue reel and its screen with a hole help children to dip their heads into the water and go bit by bit more and more deep down.

The system is simple: a reel is positioned on your pool edge, the other end has an PVA foam float in order to take up one width of a swimming lane with a single point of attachment. Just have to unwind the canvas to position the swimming hole at the desired depth. The screen has a ballast to make sure you stay in the right position during the exercises. Kids will love it and the lifeguards also because it is very simple to set up. Much less laborious than other toys of the type rock or cage.

  • Learning to swim under water
  • Innovation for Learning
  • Fun for Kids
  • Powerful and lightweight tool
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