Hexa Bike

Aqua Fitness style is coming to your pool ...

Comfortable Saddle

Padded foam saddle, adjustable height

3-position Handlebar

Stainless steel triathlon handlebar adjustable in height and depth


Ergonomic shape, ideal for all shoe sizes

All Types of Pool Finishes

9 transparent suction cups that leave no trace on the ground

Easy to move

Thanks to its two front rollers.

Hexa Bike Premium and Optima

Manufactured in polypropylene, the moving parts are made of stainless steel (7 year anti-corrosion guarantee). It is ideal for fitness and retraining. It adapts to your swimming pool depth between 120 and 170 cm, it can be used with or without aquagym shoes. It is easy to transport (thanks to these 2 front rollers), to put and to remove from your pool. Its polypropylene construction means there is a minimal risk of cuts on sharp edges, as can be the case on the stainless steel bikes, mainly at the level of the feet during the manipulation of the device, up and down mouvements ...

  • Bike With Brake
  • Polypropylene body
  • Stainless steel accessories
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Dimension: 120 x 160 x 140 cm
  • 7 wonderful colors to choose from
    • Hexa Bike
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Hexa Bike Design / Sport

Hexa Bike Optima 100

Bike without brake. Polypropylene body. Stainless steel accessories. Weight 14 kg. Dim.: 115 x 92 x 66 cm. See more

Hexa Bike Sport

Bike without brake. High quality AISI316L steel chassis with anti-corrosion protection treatment. See more

Hexa Bike

Discover our Hexa Bike in action

Hexa Jump

Security, stability

Hexa Jump is a device for a fun, tonic and risk-free workout. It is made of polypropylene and allows to leap and bounce in the the water. Ideal for low water depth.

Polypropylene platform.
Ø 106 cm. H. 22 cm. Weight 9 kg.

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Hexa Runner

Anti-Cutting Polypropylene

Hexa Run is ideal for aquatrecking or aqua jogging, it gives the leg muscles a good workout, refines the thighs and buttocks, strengthens the back and increases endurance.

Polypropylene frame. Stainless steel accessories.
Weight 25 kg. Dim.: 135 x 82 x 153 cm (folded).

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