PEPS 200 

PEPS 200

Controlled navigation

Artificial intelligence ensures optimum cleaning mode

Metro NAV Navigation System - 45 min to clean an 18 m swimming pool
- Equipped with an infra red for the detection of walls and a gyroscope for the movement
-Comes with an 8-function radio remote control, waterproof and anti-shock


Discover our pool vacuum PEPS in action

Exceptional handling

Everyone can use the PEPS 200!

The robot has a special water-exit hoop facilitating its handling.
The painted stainless steel trolley allows the robot to enter alone in the water and store its cable and has a tactile dashboard to manage its parameters.



A foolproof cleaning!
With a water circulation speed of more than 600 liters per minute, combined with the strength of our active brush system that rotates at a speed 3 times faster than the unit, the PEPS 200 picks up particles from fine dust to larger leaves.
The debris is then trapped homogeneously in our pierce resistant, industrial strength collection bag.

  • Suction power of pump 37 m3/h
  • Sucks hair, leaves, algae, bandages, chewing gums, sands, etc.
  • 4 filtration finesses: 75, 105, 250 or 1000 microns

Metro NAV

Sensors at the core of the robot

For flat or gently sloping basins


Whatever the coating:

Tile Tile
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Liner Liner
Concrete Concrete

Detections of walls, slopes, side and virtual walls:

Wall detection Wall detection
Infrared sensor
Slope detection Slope detection
Angle sensor
Virtual Wall Virtual Wall
Obstacle detection Obstacle detection
Intensity sensor

Trajectory management control :

Gyroscope Controlled navigation
RPM sensor Speed of movement
RPM sensor
Chronometer Straight line management

Pool cleaner safety management:

Micro AMP Sensor Lack of water
Micro AMP Sensor
Rotation sensor Anti-torsion cable
Rotation sensor
Hi/Lo electronic sensor Pump and motor intensity
Hi/Lo electronic sensor
Touch screen
  • Color and dynamic touch screen in a world first
  • Choice between immediate or deferred start mode
  • Several cleaning modes available
  • Confirmation of orders and advice by voice speaker
  • Reading robot settings for easy maintenance
  • Self diagnosis and visualization of potential problems
  • Technical Notice and logbook accessible by touch screen
Touch screen

Human-machine interface

With its touch screen dashboard simple to use and delivered with waterproof radio remote control.

Metro NAV


PEPS remote contrôle

Touch screen

6 choices of filtration fineness

75 microns

Fine filtration

105 microns

Classic filtration.

250 microns

Filtration for exteriors.

1000 microns

Filtration for reopen the pool.

Supergrip wheel

Supergrip wheel without track, direct traction for a 2-wheel driving propulsion.

Supergrip wheel


Rotary brush

Rotary brush with soft bristles 3x faster than a moving speed of the robot.

Rotary brush



The real professional robotic vacuum pool cleaner, 14kg of power

The pool bottom cleaner Peps is the result of the research and art of development from Hexagone to clean your pool.
The pool bottom cleaner Peps is the new entry to semi public market such as hotels, camp sites, schools, condos, health clubs and high demand private customers.

The 3 main reasons to choose the Peps :
1) Construction
High-strength and ultra-light frame of marine quality stainless steel.
The design is reliable and easy to maintain. It will withstand daily use by multiple staff.
2) Performance
The pool bottom cleaner Peps is extremely powerful with a professional pump of 37 m3/h and the largest cleaning capacity on the market (filter can hold up to 6 kg of sand). It has Hexagone revolutionary fast-rotating brushes and super power suction.
3) Smart
Equipped with a gyroscopic controller and an infra red eye, its self learn automatic mode makes the pool bottom cleaner Peps extremely fast and efficient completing a cycle on a 15m x 10m pool in less than 25 minutes.

Each pool bottom cleaner Peps ordered comes complete with transportation trolley and remote control.


  • Pool length
  • Width of the robot
  • Cleaning speed
  • Suction power
  • Weight out of water/in water
  • Filtration Capacity
  • Infrared sensors (wall detection)
  • Power supply

PEPS 200

  • Up to 25 m
  • 40 cm
  • 16 m / min
  • 37 m3 / h
  • 14 kg / 2 kg
  • 6 kg of sand
  • 1
  • 110v - 240v / 12 v

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